Gent de compres a Mataró

Mataró Is the capital of the Maresme. With a population of 120.000 inhabitants, it has around 2.000 commercial establishments representing a commercial area of more than 200.000 m2.

The Mediterranean character of Mataró is reflected in its locality commerce which is characterized by modern, quality commerce with a large diversity of products on offer and a very professional service. The locality commerce unique to Mediterranean cities like Mataró promotes the community relations, security and dynamism of the city.

In Mataro you can find two types of trade: trade of periphery, located outside the urban band of the city and urban trade, located in the historic centre of the city, in the various neighbourhoods and also in the new urban zones.

Trade of periphery, represented by Mataró Parc commercial centre which comprises a hypermarket, shops, catering and leisure activities.

Urban trade, made up of commercial zones which are characterized by being delimited commercial spaces, with a concentration and continuity of commercial façades and with the possibility of being accessible by foot. Altogether there are seven commercial zones: Comerç Mataró Centre, an important historic centre, Centre Comercial de la Plaça de Cuba i Rodalies, La Gran Botiga, Comerç Rocafonda and Cerdanyola Comercial, all important neighbourhood centres and Bulevards de Mataró, an important new centre.

In the old town and the Eixample, we can find the two locals marketplaces: plaça de Cuba and plaça Gran.

The commercial offering in Mataró city is notable mainly for the number of establishments of food products (32%), followed by establishments devoted to home equipment (22%) and personal care products (19%). In the historic centre of the city, establishments of personal care products (clothes, complements, footwear) and home equipment (decoration, appliances,etc) stand out in particular.