Cehegín has been twinned with Mataró since 1993. It is a city of 14.000 inhabitants to the northwest of the province of Murcia.

The link with the municipality of Cehegín has a special meaning for Mataró if we take into account that our city has 1.331 inhabitants with Cehegín roots and 1.402 inhabitants who were born in Cehegín and who emigrated to Mataró in the 1960s.
As a result of this relationship, Cehegín has an avenue dedicated to Mataró and Mataró has a square named after Cehegín, in the neighbourhood of Cerdanyola.
The official twinning of the cities took place in Cehegín in September 1993 during the celebratory acts of the town festival, and in Mataró in May 1994.
The city has carried out sporting, musical, theatrical and technical exchanges with Cehegín.
Cehegin Broaden map