We have been twinned since 1993. Corsico is a city of 33.000 inhabitants, situated in the Lombardia, near Milan. It forms part of the large Milanese metropolitan area.

The first contacts with Corsico took place in 1988 between youngsters of both cities, with the aim of discovering the language, culture and customs of another country. These continued with interrelations of an institutional nature to find out about the running of specific areas of the respective town councils: youth, sports, culture and the program of prevention of drug dependency.
In April 1990 there was an exchange with Corsico, during which the official launch of the Sonda drug prevention project took place. The Informa Giovani Information Centre for Youngsters was also opened, and the Sidral Service of Information and Resources for youngsters established a collaboration agreement with the centre.
As regards the field of sports, in June 1992 a selection of youngsters from junior football teams in Mataró took part in a tournament in Corsico with the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Giorgella Poliesportiva Society. Subsequently, Corsico was invited to take part in the III Ferran Smith Memorial of our city. Furthermore, in 1993 the Liceo Scientifico Statale Gian Battista Vico of Corsico arranged an encounter with the then Miquel Biada Polytechnical Institute .
All of these exchanges led the municipalities to officially sign the twinning of the towns, in Corsico in September 1993, and in Mataró in May 1994.
School, youth, musical, technical and sporting exchanges have taken place with Corsico. Mataró also has relations and exchanges with the Italian city of Mantova and with the French city of Malakoff­ with which Corsico is twinned on a sporting level.
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