We have been twinned since 1991. The twinning with this industrial French city of 85,000 inhabitants - situated 10 km from Paris, and the administrative capital of the Val de Marne region - arose when in the summer of 1989, people from this city contacted Mataró City Council to express their interest in establishing exchanges with our city, with a view to twinning the two cities. They pointed out the similarity of both cities regarding the number of inhabitants, proximity to a big city, strong industrial ties, a wide educational offering and a diversity of cultural and sporting entities.

The twinning with Mataró was signed in April 1991 in Mataró and in Créteil in October of the same year. As a result of the twinning, a street and a park have been named after Créteil, both of which are situated in east Vista Alegre, and Créteil has given the name of Mataró to a gangway built by Santiago Calatrava.
Créteil is the municipality twinning which has produced the most exchanges: school, university, sporting, musical, people with disabilities, elderly people, institutional, professional...
The twinning with Créteil has made contact possible with other municipalities such as Salzgitter (Germany), Les Abymes (Guadeloupe) and Falkirk (Scotland), which are twinned with Créteil.
Créteil Broaden map