Cities twinned with Mataró

Cities twinned with Mataró


What are Twinned Cities?

Twinnings are a system of partnerships between towns and cities in order to create bonds and build friendship and cooperation relationships, based on mutual knowledge, respect and tolerance. The foundational charter of today’s World Federation of United Towns and Cities defines twinnings as: 

“The bond that links, in a spirit of equality and reciprocity, the towns of two or more different countries in order to favour the contact between people, the exchange of ideas, techniques, products […]. It is an instrument for promoting popular culture and international civic education […] and cannot be diverted from its objective for personal, partisan or political interests.”

— United Towns Charter, Aix-les-Bains, 1957

Town twinning provides unique opportunities to learn more about the daily lives of citizens in other European countries, to talk to them and exchange experiences, to get projects started on common interests, and to contribute to the development of European citizenship.

Today twinnings bind European towns together and create a dense network of citizens.Since 1990, Mataró City Council, through the Law of Equality and Solidarity, has been twinned with different municipalities from all over Europe with the aim of supporting exchanges on different levels (school, sporting, musical, youth, technical, institutional, people with disabilities, elderly people...).

At present, Mataró is twinned with the German municipalities of Dürnau and Gammelshausen, the French city of Créteil, the Italian city of Corsico, the Spanish city of Cehegín ant the american city of Fort Lauderdale.