The City  »  Una Pinzellada sobre Mataró

A sketch of Mataró

Mataró, capital of the Maresme region, is a vibrant city, in constant transformation and with a rich cultural heritage which endows it with a personality of its own. Its privileged geographic situation - with the sea on one side and a coastal mountain range on the other - make the climatic conditions of Mataró ideal for enjoying the city.

The city of Mataró is privileged to have its origins in Roman times. The valuable heritage of this period can be seen in the Roman villa of Tower Llauder, which dates back to the first century BC, and in the final buildings of the old quarter. Strolling through the streets of the city centre you can easily take a journey through the city´s history. This is a journey which takes you from the ancient Roman Iluro (the ancient Roman name for Mataro) to the baroque, from colonial architectural influences to an outstanding example of modernism from the hand of one of its most ardent exponents: the Mataró architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

Mataró is a city to be experienced. Everything about it compels you to enjoy your stay, whether during the day or by night, and especially in the summer: the authentic and diverse gastronomy on offer with its most traditional and distinctive dish, cuttlefish with peas; the waterfront, with the fishing port and marina, with more than a thousand berths; the restaurants, open-air bars and cafes and beaches. The city also offers the visitor a large variety of shops, from traditional markets typical of the Mediterranean to small boutiques where you can find every kind of product from international brands to gifts and designer goods.

Mataró is a well consolidated city with good transport links to the metropolitan area and other Catalonian regions. The transport network makes access to the city extremely easy, whether it be by public transport or by car.

These are just a few of the reasons which make Mataró a city with excellent quality of life. Its services, green areas, privileged situation as a city by the sea, and wide range of activities expected of a dynamic city offering all kinds of events - cultural, entertainment, sporting and leisure - make the city an interesting place to visit, and an ideal place to live.