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Mataró is an active city with an intense trade activity that ranges from small family businesses, which were established in the 19th century, to trade associations, indoor market places and weekly markets, fairs and market fairs, and a shopping centre. This wide and varied trading environment has been one of the key factors of the local economy and continues to be one of the pillars of the city today.

The privileged location, right by the sea, has made it possible for the city to be a dynamic city devoted to trade since Roman times, when oil and wine were traded. In fact, the first central supplies market, where  important commercial transactions took place, was created in the Roman period and is located in The plaça Xica (Small square). But it was not until 1294 that  the city was granted permission to hold the market in The plaça gran (Big Square). 
Since the 16th century, The Plaça de l'Ajuntament (Square of the City council), The Plaça de Santa Anna (St. Anne's Sqaure) and La Riera are the three places where fairs are traditionally held. There are  fairs of different kinds: food fairs, handicraft fairs, Christmas ornaments and nativity scene fairs, drawing and painting fairs, secondhand fairs, etc. Lately, The Parc Central (Central Park) has also become a venue for fairs which hosts, amongst others, el Saló Boda, la Mostra d'Entitats o la Fira d'Atraccions.