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Routes and guided tours

In Mataró you will find routes and guided tours where you will discover the most singular places and the most interesting art heritage to enjoy culture all year round: get to know the bequest  of modernism with the unique architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, the beauty and expressivity of Antoni Viladomat's paintings in the baroque art work "Els Dolors"  (the Pains); the archaeological remains of  a roman  villa from the ancient city of Iluro, the birth and evolution of the textile industry in the city, the new energies and, of course, the stories of the seafarers, fishermen and other historical characters related to the sea.

Routes and Guided Tours:

Modernism in Mataró. A route to discover the Modernist period in Mataró and its main architects, specially Josep Puig i Cadafalch. Walking around the city you will discover, amongst other things, the Session Hall of the City Council, the market "d'el Rengle", the shop "LA Confianza" and the Modernism ''jewel'' : The house Coll i Regàs.
Route Puig i Cadafalch. Mataró - Argentona. A route around the streets and houses of  Mataró City and the town of Argentona with a connecting theme: the life and works of Josep Puig i Cadafalch in the city he was born in and the town where he spent his summers. Amongst other things, you will visit the Session Hall of the City Council in Mataró, the house "Coll i Regàs", where the architect spent his summers, and Can Garí.
Archaeological Site Torre Llauder. We suggest a guided tour around the remains of one of the noble villas in the territory of the roman Iluro. You will know its outbuildings and rooms, such as the atrium, the triclinium, the tablinum, the peristylium, the baths and the latrines. Torre Llauder, declared a cultural  place of national interest, is one of the most important archaeological sites of the region.
Museu de Mataró. If you visit the Mataró Museum you will see throughout the history of the city and the region with the help of the remaining objects. From prehistoric archaeological materials, of the iberians and the romans, to different tools and art works of the middle and modern ages, you will get to know the evolution of our city.
Ca L'Arenas. Centre d'Art del Museu de Mataró. The guided tour around the facilities of the arts centre will allow you to discover the important art collction of the Mataró Museum. Ca L'Arenas presents its works with thematic exhibitions that keep changing every year and we can also enjoy  temporary exhibitions all year round.
Archaeology and the city. From Iluro to Mataró. Route around the historical centre of the city, visiting all the remaining places of the roman city, Iluro.
Basilica de Santa Maria i Conjunt dels Dolors. Guided tour around the main architectural and artistic works of the baroque in Mataró. The pictorial series "Els dolors", composed of a chapel, a crypt, a sacristy, an assembly room and a choir, which still preserve its glorious frescos and clothes painted by Antoni Viladomat in the 18th century. You will also be able to visit all the areas of the Santa Maria Document Archive.
A trip around the knitting world. If you visit the Jaume Vilaseca Foundation you will find out about the manufacturing process of kinitting, which was really important during many years for the economy of Mataró. You will see a huge collection of machines that show how to knit, the process of cutting, confectioning or ironing until the product is done.
Sea Route. A guided tour around the maritime walk will allow you to discover straight away  the relaionship between Mataró and  the sea: its maritime tradition, the natural environment of the coast, the changes and modernization of the littoral and the historical characters of the city who are related to the sea. The route is filled with unexpected anecdotes and surprising facts that you will discover by walking along the seaside.
Mataró Segway route. The Segway is an innovative and fun alternative to do routes. It only takes five minutes to learn how to drive it and it has a mobility and a manoeuvrability that will allow you to access everywhere. All the routes are done in company of a guide, who will tell you about the interesting places you see during the route. They offer several alternatives, when it comes to urban routes and when it comes to natural sites as well.
Photovoltaic solar installation in the Public Library Pompeu Fabra. The building of the Public Library Pompeu Fabra has a photovoltaic system in order to make good use of the solar energy. In this guided tour you will know, amongst other things, how the system works and its production of electrical and thermal energy.

Mataró, a city since 1702. Route around the historical centre of the city to know what conditions turned Mataró into one of the most important towns of Catalonia during the 17th and 18th centuries. You will be able to observe the social and urban transformations from the day it oficially became a city more than 300 years ago until the 21st century city it is nowadays.

Mataró also offers a number of personalitzet routes for groups, to help you discover its rich cultural heritage.

For more information: Mataró Tourist Office. 93 758 26 98.