Dürnau and Gammelshausen


The twinning with the two German municipalities of Dürnau and Gammelshausen was the first to take place. We have been twinned since 1988, the year in which, taking advantage of the sporting relations that existed between the athletic entity UR Laru and the sporting club GSB Dürnau, and with the occasion of the centenary of the Dürnau sporting club, the mayors of Dürnau and Gammelshausen approached the mayor of Mataró to invite him to attend the celebratory acts of their centenary, while at the same time initiating and signing the twinning of the two municipalities with Mataró.

Dürnau And Gammelshausen are situated in the Baden-Württemberg region, to the south of the country. Dürnau is 50 km of Stuttgart and has 2000 inhabitants. Gammelshausen is 10 km to the south of Göppingen, capital of the region, and 47 km from Stuttgart, capital of the region. It has 1500 inhabitants.
The exchanges which have taken place to date, have been with the musical group Musikverein Gammelshausen. Likewise in 1990 German companies and the Higher College of Catering of Göppingen took part in the Mataró Fair.
Dürnau and Gammelshausen Broaden map