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Why did a second edit?

Due to the socio-economic situation arising from the pandemic, he emphasized the need to deal with it in different ways. For this reason, this program offers the city of Mataró to offer an answer to the crisis from two different areas:
  1. Change the economic paradigm and bet on the social, sustainable, green and digital economy. A more social economy is also more resilient and copes better with crisis situations
  2. Reduce youth unemployment by encouraging social entrepreneurship. We need to show young people that from their own abilities they can be able to raise innovative and social projects that put people at the center and have a positive impact on their environment.
Based on these two objectives, the results obtained in the first edition have been very positive: 13 young people started the training program and 10 young people finished it. Of these, one of the girls is already marketing her cooperative project (Local Radio Network for People with Mental Illness); three other young people are evaluating the possibility of launching a Social Delivery project for purchases in the city's municipal market, through sustainable transport such as cycling; and the last girl has taken care of herself by creating her own photo studio. The rest have returned to study or to the active job search.
With the second edition of COOPERATIVISE! we have tried to make new business activities under the umbrella and values of the ES to achieve greater positive social and environmental impacts, the creation and maintenance of quality jobs and therefore we are committed to a second edition, introducing improvements in the training program, in the practical phase and giving more prominence to the members of the Local Committee to act as mentors with young people.

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